"This wonderful choir has reached a high culmination and a high point in the development of Bulgarian choral art. "Te Deum Adoramus" performs with a strong artistic vitality and in many ways surpasses the performance level of long-standing choral ensembles."
Ivelin Dimitrov
Composer and music pedagogue, conductor of the Chamber Chapel "Polyphony"
""What we heard at this concert was remarkable in terms of musical expression and incredible atmosphere." The performance of the choir was at a very high level, the songs were sculpted by the conductor Teodora Dimitrova and this contributed greatly to the outstanding professionalism of the composer."
Radka Bratanova
Bulgarian Folklore Magazine 1/2009
"I had the pleasure to listen your concert on 28 October 2006 in the Theater in the town of Getxo (Spain). I have to say sincerely – I was fascinated by you. Your concert seemed to me wonderful and extremely difficult. That is why I have to pay tribute to your performance. I think that you are an extraordinary conductor, with unquestioned authority – a reason for which all the girls from your choir were perfect. As a conclusion, I would like to say that the concert was wonderful and I would love to enjoy it again. Kindest regards!"
José Ramón Rebate
Spain, November 2006
"The performance of the famous Bulgarian Female Chamber Ensemble "Te Deum Adoramus" absolutely amazed the audience with its sensitive quality of interpretation, this way proving that it belongs among the greatest ensembles of this difficult kind of choral music.""
"Thessalia" newspaper
April 20, 2001
"When a choir has only twelve women, as in the case of this ensemble, conducted by the talented and suggestive young Bulgarian conductor Teodora Dimitrova, then it is rapidly evident whether all the voices are of high solo quality and able to replace and represent entire choral groups. Here this really was the case. Formed in a classical way, the ensemble possesses virtuoso genealogy and has a tendency for choral effects and performing innovations, all the while staying within the spirit of the great Bulgarian choral tradition, one of the most important and most prolific in this part of Europe. To listen to Bulgarian composers in the performance of a female ensemble such as this is certainly a privilege, and one understood very well by the audience, who followed the concert of Bulgarian women with unanimous sympathy."
Dr Branka Radovic
musicologist (Belgrade), July 2004
"The performance by the twelve members of the female Chamber Ensemble Te Deum adoramus from Sofia, established and conducted by Teodora Dimitrova, left a very good impression. If we were to give a mark for the technical value of the programme, then this concert by the choir would deserve the highest grade. The pieces were also full of effects, in the positive sense of the word. Teodora Dimitrova sets her choir tasks with exceptional accuracy. She is creative, sensitive and determined. She is in complete control of the form."
Elzbieta Wieszdordt
conductor, Poland, July 2004
"The selected works, fully highlighted the high quality of the voice capabilities of the choir. The mastery of these Bulgarian voices, colorful in their nature, transported the audience into a state of inviolable pleasure. A concert of a very high level, where technical methods competed with harmonisations, modulations and tonalities to which we are not accustomed. The large audience, captivated and enchanted, appreciated and applauded wildly each and every performance."
Peryoi magazine
"A real surprise and an emphasis in the concert program, at least for me, was the outstanding performance of a young ensemble – Te Deum Adoramus conducted by Teodora Dimitrova. The choir performed Sephardic and Ashkenazi songs, recreated by acad. Nikolay Kaufmann. The serenades, duets, the cycle “From Auschwitz 1943” and the wedding songs were wildly applauded by the audience in the hall."
“Jewish News” newspaper
Sofia, September 2007
"The female choir "Te Deum Adoramus" conducted by Teodora Dimitrova was applauded at a concert dedicated to [the National Holiday of] March 3 held in the Matiash Cathedral in Budapest. This was the first time in the last 17 years voices of Bulgarian singers filled the most beautiful church of the Hungarian capital. The performers, singing catholic and orthodox masterpieces by Haidn, Verdi, Kodai, Rahmaninov, Dobri Hristov, Georgi Popov impressed the audience including high-ranking administrative and diplomatic officials, Hungarian cultural figures, and Bulgarian students."
"Democracy" newspaper
March 1, 2002
„...To sit down, close your eyes and listen to Te Deum Adoramus is a wonderful experience. When they sing old- and new orthodox songs the soul is taken away by the music and the way TDA interprets these songs. The alto’s with a deep mysterious unison sound, the soprano’s with angelic high voices. It makes one feel complete and it is as a balm for the human soul. The choir moves from a mystique pianissimo to an exalted fortissimo under the steady and inspiring conducting of mrs. Teodora Dimitrova.
Ivo Boswijk
choir director, Alkmaar, Holland, 04-10-2009
"The choir Te Deum Adoramus performed compositions in a very pleasant manner, with precise interpretation, a sequence of styles, and a homogeneous choral texture in vertical and horizontal organization of a score. Thanks to the great aesthetic appeal of the choir and its great interpretation of the programme, the audience was not sparing with its applause. Teodora Dimitrova proved herself an extraordinary organizer and a programme performer of a high artistic level. Her calm and precise movements, as well as her mental suggestion, had a magic influence on choral singers."
Stojan Stojkov
composer, F.Y.R.O.M, July 2004
"I had the pleasure to listen to the Chamber Ensemble Te Deum Adoramus during the festival “Days of chamber music – Gabrovo”. Excellent vocal work of the conductor, extremely high quality and inspired music making and what is most important, brave and very interesting repertoire findings, which this small female choir demonstrates. I would like to add to all that I have already said the extremely stylish culture and mobility, that they demonstrate on their concerts, and last but not least, the modern criteria, which they apply in their sound production.”
Ivan Stoyanov
music director of the Gabrovo chamber orchestra Director of the festival “Days of chamber music – Gabrovo”, September 2007